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Most popular on Blue Green 04 Dec – 10 Dec 2015



Here’s the articles that were read by most people in the last week.

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#COP21: World’s Local Leaders Commit To A 100% Renewable Future

Today’s Climate Summit for Local Leaders will commit 1000 mayors and local leaders to “support ambitious long-term climate goals such as a transition to 100% renewable energy in our communities, or a 80% greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2050”.

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Scottish First Minister Delivers Key Note Speech At Scottish Green Energy Awards

Scotland’s communities are now benefiting by £10 million every year thanks to renewable energy projects, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced. In the keynote speech to the Scottish Green Energy Awards, the First Minister said the figures highlighted the Scottish Government’s commitment to renewable energy and ensuring communities benefit from energy developments.

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#COP21: Former Champion Of Climate Action Wins Fossil Of The Day Award

Denmark’s government U-Turn on ambitious climate targets earned the country the shameful 1st place Fossil of the Day Award at the Paris climate summit today. The dubious award was handed down to Denmark for stating that it will reduce its ambitious climate targets and nearly halve financial support provided to empower developing countries in their efforts to tackle climate change.

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Consumers Confused About Advice On Cod

Ten years after North Sea cod stocks came close to collapse, consumers are still “completely confused” about whether or not they can eat cod with a clear conscience, according to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the non-profit ecolabel for sustainable seafood.

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#COP21: Major Economies Declare Support for 1.5°C

The Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) today acknowledged the declaration of support from Germany and France for strengthening of the 2 degrees long-term UNFCCC goal to the safer below 1.5°C goal at the UN Climate Conference at Paris (COP21). Recognizing this change of position, now 108 countries have clearly voiced support for the 1.5°C target, including the first major developed economies.

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