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Most popular on Blue Green 08 Jan – 14 Jan 2016



Here’s the articles that were read by most people in the last week.

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The Guide to Sustainable Funds 2016

Do you want your investments to have a positive impact on people and our planet? Are you tired of being sold unsustainable, irresponsible and unethical investment? Do you worry about the future you are creating for your family by what you invest in? Read more.

RBS: ‘Sell Everything’

In an apocalyptic note sent to the bank’s clients, RBS’s credit chief has warned of a ‘cataclysmic year’ for stock markets and commodities. The bank’s analysts say markets are exhibiting stress alerts similar to just before the 2008 crisis. Read more.

Defining the Future of Renewable Energy in Scotland: Half Of All Energy By 2030

Scotland should set an ambitious new target of generating the equivalent of 50% of its total electricity, heat and transport demand from renewables by 2030, according to industry body Scottish Renewables. Meeting the new goal would require a threefold increase in green energy generation, with new figures showing Scotland on track to be more than halfway there by the end of this decade. Read more.

Scottish Solar and Wind Enjoy A “Huge Year”

Following a record final month, 2015 proved to be a “huge year” for wind and solar power in Scotland, new figures published today reveal. Commenting on the data, WWF Scotland’s director Lang Banks said: “Without doubt, 2015 was a huge year for renewables, with wind turbines and solar panels helping to ensure millions of tonnes of climate-damaging carbon emissions were avoided. With 2016 being a critical year politically, we’d like to see each of the political parties back policies that would enable Scotland become the EU’s first fully renewable electricity nation by 2030. Read more.

Double Standards On New Freedom Of Information Laws

The government wants to impose limits on Freedom of Information (FoI) requests to Whitehall departments and state agencies, but proposes extending the Act to charities – all 165,290 of them. Many of these charities are led by volunteers. Meanwhile private companies which supply public services will remain exempt. Read more.



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