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Torness Nuclear Reactor Shut-Down – WWF Comment



Commenting on news of the latest shutdown of a reactor at Torness nuclear power station [1], WWF Scotland director Lang Banks said: “This might be the first unplanned shutdown at Torness this year, but given similar incidents in the past few years it’s clear that nuclear power is showing itself to be an increasingly unreliable source of energy. It underlines why Scotland is right to be choosing to harness more power from renewable energy sources.

“So we can finally end our reliance on unreliable and unpopular nuclear power and fossil fuels, as we approach the Holyrood elections, we’d like to see the political parties commit to making Scotland’s the EU’s first 100% renewable electricity nation.

“Independent research has shown that Scotland can have a safe and secure electricity supply with almost entirely renewable electricity generation in 2030, by playing to our amazing natural resource strengths.”