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Utilitywise ESOS Amnesty



A message from Utilitywise to the 1,700 companies still to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS):

We know that around 1,700 companies are still yet to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), so how can they get ESOS help? We’re calling on the Environment Agency (EA) to support our ESOS amnesty. We have a strong relationship with the EA and are in constant contact with them regarding clients we’ve helped along their ESOS journey.

You may have missed the 5 December 2015 ESOS compliance deadline, never got round to submitting your ‘Intent to Comply’ by 29 January 2016 and didn’t manage to hit the ‘unofficial’ compliance deadline by 30 April this year. If your business still needs to make a start with ESOS compliance, we’re here to help. In fact, we’ll commit to three key actions to get you compliant, fast, with our ESOS pledge.


Our ESOS pledge to you

  1. Within 48 hours we will inform the EA of your intent to comply and update them on your progress every 2 weeks
  2. We guarantee your full compliance with ESOS in under 3 months*
  3. You’ll receive a 10% discount compared to our 2015 retail prices**

* ** We guarantee Phase 1 ESOS compliance within 3 months if you sign up to our service before 31 October 2016, provided we receive all necessary data within 2 weeks of our request.

There’s nothing to lose. By contacting us today we can open a dialogue with the EA, showing your willingness to comply.

In the ultimate worst-case scenario, non-compliant companies could face up to a £90,000 fine, injunctions, civil actions or prosecution. Is it worth the risk, when it’s so easy to get started?