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EU Departure Would Leave British Environment Vulnerable – Friends of the Earth Reaction



Commenting on a new report from the IEEP, published today [Wednesday 9 March] by the RSPB, Wildlife Trusts and WWF, which concludes that “it is likely that a UK departure from the EU would leave the British environment in a more vulnerable and uncertain position than if the country were to remain as a member of the EU”, Friends of the Earth campaigner Sam Lowe said: “Be it increased protection for our birds, bees and beaches, or more stringent regulation guarding us from killer air pollution, EU membership has undoubtedly benefited our health, nature and environment.

“This welcome report by the IEEP is yet further evidence that the UK’s environmental interests are better served inside the EU.

“It is not possible to address the challenges of the future – such as climate change and the destruction of the natural world – alone. We should be working together, not pulling apart.”