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Friends of the Earth React to Patterson’s EU Environment Dismissal



Owen Patterson MP has dismissed potential risks to the environment, arguing that there is no case to remain in the EU on environmental grounds. He also suggested the “Green Blob” had been bought off by Brussels. Friends of the Earth has responded to Owen Patterson’s remarks.

Sam Lowe, Friends of the Earth Campaigner, said: “Owen Paterson seems to live in a world where facts play second fiddle to his peculiar disgust at those of us working to protect our shared environment.

“On bees, on nature, on beaches, on air pollution, on climate change –the evidence is clear. We have achieved more working with our European neighbours as a member of the EU, than we ever could alone. To suggest otherwise is pure fantasy.

“While individual countries can pursue their own progressive environmental policies, it is never as effective as when we do it together. Environmental problems don’t recognise national borders. Air pollution blowing over from a factory in Germany doesn’t need a passport to enter the lungs of our children. And burning fossil fuels in Britain will still contribute towards climate change in France and beyond.

“While Patterson is busy peddling conspiracy theories about EU funding, the simple reason so many green groups are supporting remain is because all the evidence and research suggests we are stronger, better, cleaner and greener in.”


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