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hinkley3 by Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament via flickr hinkley3 by Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament via flickr


Hinkley Delay: Friends Of The Earth Reaction



Commenting on news that the government will review a decision on the Hinkley Point nuclear project in Somerset, Mike Childs, Friends of the Earth responds.


“The Government’s brake on Hinkley C is an opportunity to do the right and popular thing and end support for Hinkley,” Childs said. “Margaret Thatcher cancelled the nuclear build programmes in the early 1990s because the economics were dreadful. Hopefully Teresa May is about to do the same, and prevent hard-pressed energy bill payers being saddled with unnecessary cost well into the future. Renewables and energy storage are a much better deal. With prices tumbling and speedy construction we can press on with generating masses of home-grown energy.”


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