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Ineos Reopens Plant to use Fracked Gas – FOES Reacton



Reacting to the news that Inoes will used fracked gas from the US at a reopened plant at Grangemouth, Dr Richard Dixon, Director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said: “Fracking has been stopped here because of its impact on local communities and climate change, but Ineos are imposing those same impacts on communities in the United States.  Their supplier in Pennsylvania has attracted record fines for polluting groundwater and leaking waste.  Scotland would be better off not being associated with this dirty business.

“Once the impacts of fracking are examined, we are confident that it will not get the go ahead here in Scotland. The industry’s legacy of water and environmental pollution around the world has informed the significant public opposition everywhere.

On the products of the Ineos operations, Dr Dixon concluded,
“Our oceans are filling up with scrap plastic, the last thing we need is more pointless plastic goods. We should be concentrating on recycling valuable materials instead of using fossil fuels to create ever more low grade plastic that ends up in our seas and in landfill.”