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Response From WWF Following Forestry Commissions Report



Forestry At Work By Irish Fireside Via Flickr

Julia Young, Global Forest and Trade Network Manager for WWF-UK has responded to the Forestry Commission’s report.

Responding to the Forestry Commission’s report, Julia Young, Global Forest and Trade Network Manager for WWF-UK commented:

Julia Young, Global Forest and Trade Network Manager for WWF-UK :  “This new report shows that there is a need for greater focus on both the future development of UK forestry and production, and for businesses using timber to support and invest in sustainable forest management and timber supply for their own operational resilience.

“Globally, we can no longer rely on our usual sources of timber as unsustainable practices continue, having devastating consequences on forests and the species that live inside them. Our latest report 100% sustainable timber markets: the economic and business case shows that by engaging in sustainable practices, not only will there be a halt to deforestation, but businesses will benefit through more ways than they realised.

Committing to sustainable timber sourcing isn’t just beneficial to nature, but is something that any timber dependent company must be investing in if they want a healthy and resilient business that will survive.


“The report from the Forestry Commission today, and our report on the case for sustainable timber, sends a call to action to both to business to change their practices, and to the government who must lead by example and address sustainable forest use in the urgently upcoming 25 year plan for nature.”