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Salmon farmers under fire for shooting seals: ITV 10pm tonight



New figures from the Scottish government show more than 100 seals have been shot so far this year to protect the salmon industry. ITV News tonight (at 10pm) will feature the controversial issue of salmon farms killing seals. Here’s two accompanying articles online now via ITV News.

“Although they are officially protected, seals can be shot under special licence. Campaigners say non-lethal means should be used to deter the marine mammals.” Source ITV.

Salmon farmers under fire for shooting seals

Seals in Shetland are getting into deep water with the salmon industry

ITV’s Consumer Editor Chris Choi on ITV News last night: “It’s quite clear from what I’ve seen that alternatives to killing the seals are emerging but those new non-lethal means are costly whereas bullets are cheap”

Facebook group: “Did a seal die for your salmon meal?” – with details of a protest outside M&S and Marine Scotland in Edinburgh on 30 October (with other protests planned in London on 9 December and outside the RSPCA’s head office in Sussex on 10 December).

More background here.


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