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UK weather: high tides and strong winds threaten south-west and Midlands



Further flooding is expected overnight in the UK, with the Environment Agency warning that there is a “danger to life” across the Midlands and south-west.

Respite for residents across the two regions looks unlikely as further bad weather sets in, with high tides and strong winds bringing further threat of flooding.

The Environment Agency issued five severe flood warnings on Saturday night, where there is a risk of “severe flooding” and a “danger to life”.

A further 150 flood warnings remain in place across all UK regions, with the sole exception of the north-east, where the Environment Agency say flooding is expected. Some 290 warnings are in place where flooding is possible.

The Met Office also warns of “severe disruptions” caused by heavy showers across the worst affected areas.

Last month was the wettest January on record, with many regions devastated by flooding, and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) predicting that insurance claims relating to flooding could rise to £426m.

Already flooded grounds are set for more heavy showers, and despite David Cameron’s pledge that dredging would begin as soon as floods subside, the Environment Agency suggests that this will not be for a few months.

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