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ArBolivia is a unique partnership between socially motivated investors and smallholder farmers in the Bolivian Amazon, which offers a long term, sustainable solution to deforestation in Bolivia.

It is a social enterprise that rewards both investors and farmers through the sale of sustainably managed hardwood timber. Crowdfunder Simon from East Dulwich commented on the project: “A great project! It ticks all the right boxes, whether social, financial, environmental or whatever. Very worthy of support, either as a personal feel-good or as a straightforward investment! Best wishes — and good luck with the funding.”

ArBolivia has established a new partnership model of plantation forestry, in which timber profits are divided equally between investors and farmers. Farmers also receive small but regular payments for looking after the trees. These are vital for basic food security, and intercropping with a wide range of cash crops, including coffee, cacao, and citrus fruits, provides an additional short-term income for farmers. Instead of the typical “green deserts” of identikit non-indigenous trees normally planted in commercial forestry, ArBolivia is growing 12 different species of native hardwood trees. The 1400 hectares of plantation trees absorb high volumes of carbon dioxide and ArBolivia’s contribution to reducing carbon emissions has been certified by the Gold Standard Foundation and Plan Vivo.

In fact, Small World Consulting has confirmed that investing in ArBolivia is one of the most cost effective ways for individuals to tackle climate change.

You can see more details here – and watch the stunning 15 minute movie made about the project here.



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