Yesterday’s Headlines 26/05/2016


Yesterday news broke that climate resolutions at the AGMs of oil giants ExxonMobil and Chevron were backed by the most shareholders ever, MEP Keith Taylor has said Britain’s beaches benefit from the EU and the Church of Scotland will no longer invest in the worst polluting companies. There was also a report that suggested dairy farms are becoming bigger without consumers realising, Greenpeace announced several companies have pulled out of fishing for cod in the Arctic and ClientEarth urged the European Commission to take action over the Bialowieza Forest. For all of yesterday’s headlines, read below.


Church of Scotland Votes No to Polluting Companies

Report Blasts Distrustful Dairy Farms

ClientEarth Urge EU to Save Bialowieza Forest

Record Breaking Number of Oil Investors Back Climate Resolutions

EU Policies Protect Our Environment, Say Professionals

Hinkley Point C Causes More Controversy

Arctic Saved From Possible Fishing Destruction

Bond Launched for Linton Lock 

Bristol Battery Storage Project Brilliance

Greenpeace Urge G7 Decarbonisation Plans

Survey Suggests Swiss Pension Funds Need Sustainable Focus

More UK Cities Join Global Network

Initiative Launched to Help Polluting Regions

Festival Goers Will Inspire Climate Poem

Britain’s Beaches Need Europe says Keith Taylor