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5 Tips for a Sustainable Building Project



Sustainable building is the word on everybody’s lips these days. In a world where people are preoccupied more and more with the state of the environment, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to employ sustainable building practices. In this article, we’re going to give you a few important tips any builder can use to make the building process more sustainable.

Reducing Waste

One of the most important things when it comes to sustainable building is reducing waste. One of the first things you have to do when trying to minimize waste is to make careful evaluations before the building process to make sure that you don’t overstock. Also, if you have to deal with waste, make sure that the recyclable materials aren’t taken to the landfill. You could also re-use some of the material for other uses.

Use Local Materials If Possible

Controlling your carbon footprint is essential if you’re going to undertake a sustainable building project. But before you choose a local supplier, you have to make sure that they are environmentally sound as well. Check if they are following PEFC, ISO and red protocol.

Go for Energy Efficient Equipment

Before decorating a home or choosing appliances, it’s always better to go for energy efficient options if possible. If you’re going for decoration, forget resource extensive decorations such as indoor waterfalls or fountains, for instance. If you’re going to buy appliances, make sure they have a good energy star rating. Also, make sure that the home is built to take advantage of natural heat and ventilation as well.

Make Sure the House is Properly Insulated

Improper insulation is one of the biggest reasons people waste energy, especially in the winter months for those living in harsh environments. As a matter of fact, it has been estimated that heating and cooling costs account for about 50% of all your energy costs. Make sure that any air leaks around your door and windows are properly sealed, and don’t be afraid to use duct tape if all else fails.

Use Sustainable Materials

The materials you use in the building process will play a major role in how sustainable it is. When choosing materials, try to go for environmentally friendly options. Go for reclaimed or recycled material such as recycled glass, plastic and lumber. In this day and age, recyclable materials are just as good as new ones depending on the use you’re going to make of them, so make sure that you explore all the options at your disposition when choosing them. Sustainable building materials are also much more cost effective on average, which makes them a no brainer for any cost conscious builder.


So, if you want a more sustainable building experience, make sure that you choose the proper set for materials, go for local suppliers if possible and make sure that the home is thoroughly insulated. Also, make sure that the suppliers you choose follow environmental protocols and make sure that any type of waste is either recycled or reused in the building process.