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Blue & Green Daily: Monday 30 March headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Sustainable investing doesn’t require financial trade-off, says Morgan Stanley

UK greenhouse gas emissions fell 8% in 2014

Antarctica ice shelves see ‘substantial’ loss in last two decades, finds study

87% of financial advisers asked about ethical investment

The ‘advice gap’ a reality as minimum portfolio sizes double


30 March headlines

UN green climate fund can be spent on coal-fired power generation

The UN fund to help developing countries fight climate change can be spent on coal-fires power plants – the most polluting form of electricity generation – under rules agreed at a board meeting. Guardian.

UK, Scotland funding carbon-capture, coal-gasification

The UK and Scottish governments are providing £4.2 million to study the potential of a carbon capture and storage facility and coal-gasification power plant in Scotland. Bloomberg.

United Reformed Church of Scotland divest from fossil fuels

The United Reformed Church of Scotland has committed to pull out its investments in fossil fuel companies. The resolution was passed with “overwhelming support” on Saturday. Guardian.

Mexico pledges to cut emissions 25% in climate change milestone

Mexico has become the first developing nation to formally promise to cut its global warming pollution, a potential milestone in efforts to reach a worldwide agreement on tackling climate change. Bloomberg.


Interesting picks

Rockefeller Brothers Fund: it is our moral duty to divest from fossil fuels – Guardian

Earth Hours 2015: World cities go dark for climate change – Telegraph

New social investment tax breaks could be ‘win-win’ for charities – Guardian

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