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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 14 January headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

‘Incentivising’ my local authority to support fracking

Companies with positive sustainability record valued higher by investors

Worldwide protests outside Cambodian embassies over garment workers’ pay

Green spaces in cities positively affect mental health

Sustainable financial advisers: Julian Parrott on ‘fighting for the ethics’


January 14 headlines

Fracking incentives will give councils ‘contradictory roles’

Campaigners and local MP say business rates for drilling operations will undermine trust in local government decisions by giving them “contradictory roles”. David Cameron has announced that Britain is “going all out for shale”. Guardian.

Banks shares rise on Basel debt climbdown

Better than expected capital rules for banks from the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision have led shares in the UK’s largest banks to rise. Banks will not have to set aside as much capital as previously expected. Telegraph.

Farmers attack ministers for not heeding own advice on buying British

Ministers have come under attack for nit heeding their own advice to buy more British food. The chairman of the Oxford farming conference said that the public sector procurement of British food falls a long way short of where it should be. Guardian.

EDF opts out of Big Six energy ‘cartel’

EDF Energy “does not like” being tarred with the same brush as the other large energy firms. The firms marketing director said the company was “trying to do the right thing for customers” and bear down on the bad things the energy industry has been doing. Telegraph.


Interesting picks

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