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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 15 April headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

World Bank president calls for fossil fuel subsidies to be scrapped

Renewable investment falls 15% in 2015

Warming temperatures could take haddock and plaice off the menu


15 April headlines

Norway oil fund begins policy of revealing how it votes

Norway’s $880 billion oil fund will on Wednesday usher in a new era of corporate governance when it begins to disclose in advance how it will vote at companies’ shareholder meetings. Financial Times.

Harvard divestment campaigners gear up for a week of action

Campaigners at Harvard University are beginning a week of direct action on campus to increase pressure on the institution to divest from fossil fuels. Guardian.

Dutch government taken to court on climate change

Campaigners in the Netherlands are taking the government to court for allegedly failing to protect its citizens from climate change. BBC.

Gatwick oil gusher claims ‘wildly optimistic’ warns expert

A respected oil and gas expert has slammed claims made by entrepreneur David Lenigas that 100 billion of oil lies under the South of England as “wildly optimistic” and “misleading”. Telegraph.


Interesting picks

The climate denier’s guide to getting rich from fossil fuel divestment – Guardian

Fossil fuels just lost the race against renewables – Bloomberg

Shh! Don’t tell institutional investors, but sustainability drives returns in real assets – Huffington Post

Is the Green party’s climate change plan realistic? – Guardian

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