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Consider Making a Profound Change as an Environmental Lawyer

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Lawyers and the environment have a deep-rooted relationship, one that is more common than you might think. In the hustle of various legal complexities, the domain of environmental law might evade one’s consciousness. You can get a better understanding of the significance of this profession by reading recent case precedents on environmental law.

But it must be known that the role of an environmental lawyer is as important as that of a civil lawyer or a criminal lawyer. An environmental lawyer has various roles to play in the protection and preservation of our planet.

From taking up cases of environmental rights to international resources law to pushing for new regulations to fight climate change, an environmental lawyer has many shoes to fill in. In the article that we have here today, we shall talk about the various roles that an environmental lawyer plays and also look into the process of becoming an environmental lawyer.

Who is an Environmental Lawyer?

The textbook definition of an environmental lawyer, is that an environmental lawyer represents clients across niches pertaining to the environment. From clean technology, legalities related to water bodies to the management of the public property and land resources, an environmental lawyer has various responsibilities. It is a much lesser-known domain. However, one must not assume that it is any less important as that of a criminal lawyer.

Environmental law is a broad area and an integral part of the umbrella term of law. It is not much talked-about because we have only ever known to eulogize and celebrate the various other kinds of lawyers. An environmental lawyer must be able to communicate effectively orally as well as via legal documents.

He must be able to persuade his clients as well as the court to act in a particular direction, in a way that shall protect the environment. Therefore, as you can see, it is not as easy as one might assume it to be.

There are various complexities related to the environment since the resources of the environment are particularly owned by any one person. That is what makes the profession more challenging.

Let us now look into the ways in which one could take up the profession of an environmental lawyer.

Becoming an Environmental Lawyer

Becoming an environmental lawyer is similar to becoming any other kind of lawyer. One must first take up the course of Bachelor of Law or which is known as LLB. Once one is done with the extensive course of LLB, one must take up the postgraduate course of Juris Doctor or JD. There are several other alternative courses that can be taken up.

For instance, one can opt for Masters of Law or more specifically, Masters of Environmental Law. These degrees are the best for those who want to assume a senior role in the domain of environmental law or get a higher salary.

However, this is just the theoretical experience that one gathers after taking up these courses. One must not assume that these courses are enough to become an environmental lawyer. After one completes the courses, it is important to gain practical knowledge and see how the domain works in reality. One must also take examinations to be admitted to the bar.

Job Description of Environmental Lawyers

Now that we know the exact courses to be taken up for becoming an environmental lawyer, let us look at the roles more specifically.

According to the reputed lawyers from Goldman and Associates, an environmental lawyer must analyze and interpret data obtained from various samples and literature of cases. They might even have to interview scientists to gather expert opinion on the case they are looking into.

If required, they might even ask the scientists to testify in the court of law to establish their case. An environmental lawyer might even have to act as an advisor and see to it that the environmental resource in question is protected and kept safe.

Consider the Merits of a Career in Environmental Law

Therefore, as can be seen from the discussion, an environmental lawyer has more than one job and responsibility. There are various environmental issues that he must tackle, in a way that the future of the planet is safe and secure.

It is not just about bringing the perpetrators to books and delivering justice. It is also about how the lawyer balances the scale between justice and safeguarding the cause of the environment. Environmental law is an integral part of our legal system, and it is time we gave it its due worth.

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