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Consultancy Firm First to Offer Renewable Electricity Contracts



Almach, the energy consultancy company have recently announced that it will only offer renewable electricity contracts to new clients – with hopes to lead in the renewable energy procurement field.

The Greater London-based company, which has in the past offered all types of electricity contracts to its clientele of SMEs and large enterprises, has as of today realigned the electricity sales department to focus on just renewables.

The change was made possible by the success of Almach’s renewable energy buying groups, formed in June 2015, which between them buy clean, low-cost energy for 670 large, medium and small businesses.

Almach works to negotiate down the cost of OFGEM-certified REGO renewable energy that the businesses use to run all their operations.

Almach has since 2014 innovated a buying strategy to decrease the cost of REGO energy by 2 per cent in comparison to retail fixed price ‘green’ contracts offered by brokers and suppliers.

Electricity prices for the groups are driven down further by direct purchases of energy from the wholesale market. This removes the price mark-ups that are typically included in fixed price energy contracts from mainstream energy suppliers.

As a result, participants’ REGO energy costs have been reduced so they are within one per cent of traditional fixed price fossil fuel energy costs.

Operations Director for Almach Energy, Paul Hill, said, “The success of our buying groups in supplying low-cost renewable energy is fantastic, as it provides a very compelling case for UK businesses that may have been hesitant to switch to renewable energy. We have already seen hundreds of businesses move to clean energy contracts. We are proud to be leading the way in this area.“

Retail businesses in the REGO-energy partnership that also display a window badge certifying their energy is 100% renewable have received significant positive feedback from their customers.

Almach in brief:

Almach is the UK’s first independent energy procurement consultancy committed to buying only 100% REGO-backed renewable electricity for businesses. It advises both SMEs and large enterprises on energy greening strategy and cost reduction, leveraging its unique wholesale market access to let all businesses to participate in the green energy market. Almach have been shortlisted for a prestigious EDIE sustainability leaders award in the category ‘Consultancy of the year 2017’.


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