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Ethical IFA of the week: Bromige



There are plenty of independent financial advisers (IFAs) across the country who give advice on ethical and environmental investments. Our job is to tell you about them.

Bromige is located in the picturesque village of Forest Row, in East Sussex.

It currently has three financial advisers – Christian Thal-Jantzen, Angela Vaughan, and Alex Colville – executing holistic financial planning, mortgage advice and general insurance.

Thal-Jantzen spoke to Blue & Green Tomorrow about ethical investment in December 2011 and his comments still stand true.

The world that we live in today is largely created by human beings, and we are human beings”, he said.

Therefore, if we don’t like it and we think it should be different, we’ve got to act differently, and one way we can is by investing ethically.

The cumulative effect of people doing this could be quite significant, and in fact change things dramatically.”

Bromige estimates that 80% of its clients invest ethically as a preference, and because of this, its advisers specialise in independent, green, ethical and responsible financial planning.

Thal-Jantzen, who has 25 years’ experience in the industry, described ethical investment as “when non-financial considerations are driven by philosophical, ethical or religious motives, and used in making choices to what you do and don’t invest in.”

To get in touch with Bromige about ethical investment, visit or email:

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