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Ethical retailer of the week: Quagga



Quagga is an Italian fashion firm producing quality winter coats and jackets, made with consideration for the environment and respect for its workers, as well as being made with materials that do not involve animal exploitation.

The company, based in Turin, says it adopts the 4 Rs’ principles: reduction of waste at the origin, reusing materials, recycling those that are still usable, and recovering both matter and energy.

This is why it does not use toxic nor allergenic components, focusing on materials that have a low impact on the environment, such as recycled polyester fibres, while also keeping an eye on working conditions of manufacturing partners.

Quagga – that gets its name from an extinct African equine at the centre of a breeding back programme – states in its code of ethics, “Quagga puts environmental protection in the forefront when selecting technologies, corporate programs, and strategies, preventing pollution in all its forms and assessing the environmental impact of their products.”

The retailer is also committed to financial transparency and good governance, saying that all of its operations are open and verifiable.

Quagga does not use leather, fur, feather, wool, silk or anything else animal related, making its products suitable for vegetarians and vegans. At the same time, it guarantees high quality and Italian design for its coats, which ensure high performances in both urban and outdoor environments.

In addition to refuse animal-derived materials on welfare reasons, it does also exclude synthetic and artificial fibres, as well as accessories produced in Asian countries at bargain prices, which often involve workers’ exploitation.

The firm also offers a ‘second life’ to its old or damaged products, which customers can bring back in exchange for a discount on new purchases, while old coats are repaired and given to charities.

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