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Film review: Future of Hope (2010)



Documentary Future of Hope follows a series of Icelandic individuals that are striving to change the world in terms of culture, society and environmental considerations.

Those involved in the film argue that how the Icelandic economy has grown and developed over the last decade is unsustainable because it is built on consumerism, credit and debt, and greed. Instead they advocate an approach that focuses on the long-term and take the wider society into account. It centres on sustainable developments in organic farming, business, innovation, renewable energy and the environment.

The individuals themselves are optimistic and positive, inspiring change and demonstrating how people can have an impact. The people involved come from a variety of areas and include farmers, scientists, academics and politicians, all of them demonstrate how the country could becoming a testing ground for new technologies whilst building a sustainable ecosystem.

Stunning Iceland also adds to the appeal of this film, with its scenery and landscape highlighting the beauty and need to protect the natural environment.

Future of Hope takes viewers on a journey of the history of Iceland to the present day and sets out the future of a more sustainable and conscious country.


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