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Introducing a Blue & Green friend: Oxfam Donations



Each day we’re introducing one, two or three of our new affiliate friends. If you click through the link in this article, the link is tracked and may generate a small payment to us. Sometimes the payment is per click, per user, per application, per accepted application or any combination of the above. That payment funds us so we can grow and encourage even more readers to live, spend and invest sustainably. Today it’s the turn of Oxfam Donations.

Oxfam. What springs to mind? Charity shops and second-hand clothes? Africa? Think bigger. Much bigger. Last year, their emergency and development work reached a staggering 13.5 million people. Thanks to their amazing supporters.

Every water pump their donors help to install, every vegetable plot they help dig, every child they send to school has a powerful impact on people’s lives.

Oxfam is a global movement of people working towards a world without poverty. And they won’t rest until they get the job done.  They respond fast in emergencies, and stay to help people rebuild their lives. They work on long-term projects with communities determined to shape a better future for themselves. And they campaign for genuine, lasting change.

Supporters are crucial as the donations provide them with long term funding plans to encourage change and to finance their vital work around the world. In the 2012-13 financial year, Oxfam reached 13.5 million people worldwide. Through Oxfam and their partners, 4.3 million people got access to clean water, 2 million people got food, cash or vouchers to survive a crisis, and 1.7 million women were supported to exercise their rights.

Oxfam’s single giving programme allows supporters to give a one off financial donation either to a specific emergency or give an unrestricted gift which allows Oxfam to spend the money where it is needed most.

Single Giving is a great way to engage their supporters who don’t want to commit to a regular monthly donation but want to help them through financial means- when it suits them. People who give a single gift to Oxfam often go on to support their work in other ways whether that’s by starting a regular gift, campaigning or buying/donating at an Oxfam shop.

Emergency Response is a special emergency fund which allows them to respond rapidly when natural disasters and emergency situations strike.   When an emergency hits, Oxfam is there. At any given time their teams are responding to an average of 25 emergencies worldwide.

Current Emergency Response funds include: Iraq, South Sudan, Philippines, Syria Crisis Appeal, DRC Crisis, India Cyclone, Mali Crisis, South Sudan Crisis and Yemen Crisis.



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