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Longview IoT: The Internet Of Things Solution For Green Businesses

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By Brad Bush, Managing Director

Many green businesses are hesitant to embrace technological solutions to increase profitability. However, there are a lot of great reasons they should consider doing so. Here are two of the biggest:

  • You probably think of the large carbon footprint that you are leaving behind, due to the large amount of energy that web servers use. However, digital technology is actually much more sustainable than other types of technology.
  • You need to stay competitive for your green business model to pay dividends for the environment. If you don’t think about that, then less sustainable companies are going to replace you when you out of business. How does that help the environment?

You should consider looking into the benefits of the IoT, which can be invaluable to green businesses. Longview IoT is one of the best sustainable investments you can make. Here are some things to consider.

Look at Longview IoT as a Sustainable Investment

The IoT is vital for green businesses. It bolsters energy efficiency and helps green businesses compete.

Longview is an IoT (internet of things) company that develops both hardware and software solutions, integrated into one comprehensive package for green businesses.

As one of the newest IoT companies to the game, they bring a fresh perspective and new approach to solving pre-existing technology and security challenges.

A Comprehensive, Integrated Solution for green companies

Longview specializes in developing IoT solutions rather than platforms. This is a solution that green businesses can’t ignore. An IoT platform is generally something that can be described as a base layer that can connect with other hardware or software layers – in deploying a platform, problems often arise when attempting to integrated with third parties to complete your IoT deployment. And, gaps in security between the various components often arise.

An IoT solution, on the other hand, solves all these problems for your green company – it is a complete, end-to-end system wherein all the components of hardware and software have been tested to work together seamlessly and wherein all the integrated protocols have been designed for maximum security.

A Hardware and Software Developer

Unlike most IoT companies, Longview has focus and expertise in building both hardware (such as sensors and gateways), and software (such as cloud infrastructure and industry applications). This combined focus puts them in the unique position of being able to deliver a complete solution that saves businesses time and money by not having to bother with all the various aspects usually involved in deploying IoT systems.

Triple Layer Security

As an industry innovator, Longview recognized early on the fact that security is paramount. That’s why they built-in robust security from the ground up. The Longview IoT solution is secured by 1) the robust LPWAN network protocol LoRaWAN™, 2) Intrinsic ID’s SRAM PUF, a Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) which generates a device-specific key based on minuscule anomalies of each semiconductor, and 3) two security certificates provided by GlobalSign’s IoT Identity Platform that is installed for each device.

Industry IoT Solutions

Longview is currently focused on tailoring IoT solutions for 9 different industries:

  • Construction / Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Auto Dealer
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Apartments / Hospitality
  • Smart Cities / Regions
  • Higher Education
  • Utilities

They have built hardware and sensors that serve specific commercial needs such as tracking asset movement, detecting motor/engine problems, locating lost equipment, identifying temperature and humidity changes, detecting leaks, tracking container levels and more.

Their hardware combined with industry-tailored cloud infrastructure and apps provide real-world solutions for operators of enterprises.

A Carnegie Technologies Company

Longview is a Carnegie Technologies company, headquartered in Austin, TX, with satellite teams around the world. Longview offers a broad range of solutions deployed from internally developed sensors and combined with off-the-shelf sensors. Standardized sensor module for all sensors reduces cost, eases compliance and speeds time to market.

Carnegie Technologies is a longstanding member of the LoRa Alliance, a nonprofit association with over 500 members – it is one of the largest and fastest-growing alliances in the IoT technology sector.

Longview IoT is Great for Sustainable Businesses

Longview IoT is a great investment in green businesses. It helps them stay competitive and minimize their carbon footprint. This is essential for green companies that want to survive in the 21st Century.

Becca Stickler is a freelance writer with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly living.