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Looking back at… ethical retailers 3



More and more people are considering where they shop and the implications of their choices, from how companies impact the environment to how they treat employees, here we profile some ethical shopping options.

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1. Pants to Poverty – Sourcing organic cottons from Indian farmers, Pants to Poverty sells people underwear and directs part of its profits to charities and projects to support its growers. Read more.

2. People TreeAre fashion and sustainability compatible? If you use organic and 100% Fairtrade materials as ethical fashion firm People Tree does, then the answer is yes. Read more.

3. Believer Jewellery – Believer is a jewels company, committed to improving working conditions of people and respecting the environment, both in the UK and in developing nations. Read more.

4. Green and Black’s – Green and Black’s produces chocolate products, using organic and Fairtrade ingredients, and has a strong focus on ethics. Read more.

5. Neal’s Yard RemediesNeal’s Yard Remedies is an organic skincare company founded in London’s Covent Garden with the aim of offering natural health products that are both ethical and environmentally-friendly. Read more.

6. Wills – Wills is a UK company selling “animal and human friendly” footwear, with a unique eye for style, materials and ethics that is evident in all their products. Read more.

7. Divine Chocolate – Community-owned, Fairtrade chocolate company Divine Chocolate launched its products on the UK market in the 90s, with an aim of improving the lives of Ghana’s cocoa farmers while providing high quality chocolate bars. Read more.

8. Good Hemp Nutrition – Good Hemp Nutrition produces food and supplements from natural hemp – one of the world’s most eco-friendly crops. Read more.

9. Braintree – Braintree is an ethical clothing company that focuses on ecological fabrics, fair work conditions and sustainability. Read more.

10. Cafédirect – As the UK’s largest 100% Fairtrade hot drinks company, Cafédirect is committed to ensure that its products are sustainable and benefit the growers. Read more.

Photo: Andrew Nash via Flickr


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