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Looking back at… Guides 3



Every year Blue & Green Tomorrow produces a number of guides exploring a specific area, from investment and philanthropy to transport and tourism.

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1. The Guide to Philanthropy & Giving 2013 – In these pages, you’ll hear from environmental philanthropists like Ben Goldsmith, who calls the environmental crisis the biggest challenge facing our generation, and read about the Environmental Funders Network. You’ll hear from the Charity Finance Group and the CCLA – two of the leading organisations in the UK charitable sector – about how charities should be investing responsibly so as to not contradict their central missions. Read more.

2. The Guide to Ethical Shopping 2012 – With this Guide, we aim to outline just what ethical shopping means, and why it can and must play an integral part in helping the world’s sustainable economic development. Read more.

3. The Guide to National Ethical Investment Week 2013Blue & Green Tomorrow’s Guide to National Ethical Investment Week 2013 contains everything you need to know about the week itself, as hundreds of people up and down the country prepare to gather for events and conferences. Read more.

4. The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2012 – The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2012 endeavours to take you on a journey of discovery—embarking at ethical origins, travelling through the green and growing fields of sustainable and socially responsible investment and disembarking at a new, enlightened destination. Read more.

5. The Guide to Fair Trade 2013 – The guide looks at farmers’ markets and the benefits of buying locally (page 26), and includes polarising answers to the question, “What’s so fair about fair trade?Read more.

6. The Guide to Sustainable Tourism 2012 – It answers the question, “How can I reduce my impact and ensure my holiday actually benefits others?” through the words of some of the UK leaders in sustainable tourism. Read more.

7. The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2012 (NEIW edition) – We’ve managed to secure some of the sustainable investment sector’s biggest names, including James Gifford, Penny Shepherd and Raj Thamotheram, and it’s their inspirational words that we hope will encourage you to invest sustainably. Read more.

8. The Guide to Ethical Financial Advice 2013 Profiling members of the Ethical Investment Association (EIA), as well as looking into the history of financial advice more generally, after reading the guide you will be able to make a more informed decision about whether such an ethical adviser is most appropriate for you. Read more.

9. The Guide to Limitless Clean Energy 2012 – We cover the whole landscape: the minister, the supplier, the developer, the investor, the trade body, and of course, the customer. All of which ought to inspire you to make the switch to, invest in or simply support the renewable energy sector. Read more.

10 The Rise of Renewable Energy 2012 – In The Rise of Renewable Energy, Alex Blackburne listens to a number of leading voices within the sector to ascertain why the Government, and a percentage of the public, don’t fully understand the potential of an essentially limitless supply of clean energy. Read more.

11. The Guide to Ownership 2013 – While not overtly related to sustainable, responsible or ethical investment – it’s relevant across the whole investment universe – active ownership chimes very well among investors who look to use their money for social or environmental gains, as well as a financial return. The long-term benefits reaped from adopting the technique are a natural fit with the long-termism attached to investing responsibly. Read more.

12. The Guide to Responsible Media 2012The Guide to Responsible Media – Blue & Green Tomorrow’s final report of 2012 – examines the aftermath of the Leveson report, while also tackling the subjects of press freedom, freedom of expression and regulation. And we’re delighted that the world didn’t end so that we can present it to you. Read more.


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