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A Real Estate Developer’s Guide to Green Condo Living



As a solution to congestion in highly urbanized cities, condominiums have sprouted like mushrooms. However, condo dwellers must be conscious of the growing global warming problems and worsening climate change. It is so important for them to contribute to the environment and minimize carbon footprint if we are to keep this planet safe.

Louie Santaguida understands the importance of green condo living and considers it a passion to help educate the community on sustainable living.

How do you define carbon footprint? According to The Green, which is published by National Geographic, carbon footprint is defined as the amount of carbon dioxide produced into the atmosphere and is usually measured in metric tons of gas emitted annually. Among the greenhouse gases found in our atmosphere, carbon dioxide has the highest concentration and this is causing global warming.

So, what can real estate developers or condo owners do to practice green condo living? Louie Santaguida shares with you his simple guide:

Use CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) Bulbs

In every condo unit, only CFL bulbs should be used for lighting fixture instead of the regular incandescent bulbs. It can save 300 pounds of carbon dioxide annually and can produce 60 times more light than a regular incandescent without a spike in electricity wattage. LED bulbs are also being developed by lighting companies which are designed to increase energy-light ratio.

Solar Panels

Newer and more eco-conscious condo developers use solar panels to collect alternative energy sources from the sun and transform them into reusable electricity, which can support an entire condominium. Solar panels have inverters that transform energy from the sun into electricity and batteries to store electricity. While solar panels are amazing energy savers, they are costly and thus require considerable budget allocation by the real estate developer.

Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

Real estate developers must consider buying only energy-efficient appliances to be placed in fully furnished condo units. Otherwise, they must mandate the condo owners to purchase energy-efficient appliances only if they want to reduce electricity consumption in every condo unit. As to how it becomes energy-efficient, the appliance goes into to “sleep” mode when not in use and consumes less electricity when on “standby” mode. Look for energy star labels from a wide array of appliances, as this will indicate if the machine has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Indoor Plants

Placing indoor plants in condo units is not just for decorative purposes. Plants can act as natural air filters to replenish oxygen levels in your condo space. You won’t need to purchase indoor ionizers that can only add to energy consumption. It was also observed that having plants around in your home can help reduce stress and fatigue.

Waste Management Practice

Condo developers must also mandate proper waste management by condo dwellers. Recyclables must be segregated from the biodegradables to properly reuse or compost these waste.

The message of practicing green condo living is not only intended for real estate developers, but to each one of us who are part of this planet, which still manages to hold us together despite the threats of nature due to our abuses. By observing Louie Santaguida’s excellent tips for green condo living, you can do your part to help nature rebuild itself.




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