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Royal Society; European Commission; UNWTO – Quote Bank: April 23-May 4



A good quote makes all the difference.

Though renewable targets were on track, several Member States have reduced or stopped the current support schemes, creating a strong uncertainty for investors. And investors need certainty” – Gilles Gantelet, head of unit (communication & inter institutional relations) at DG Energy of the European Commission. EU Sustainable Energy Week.

Investing in renewables in Britain means that the money remains in the country” – Ed Gill, head of external affairs at Good Energy. Why do Electricity Miles matter?

Sustainability depends not only on what airlines do for themselves but also the policies adopted by governments” – Tony Tyler, International Air Transport Association director general. IATA calls for governmental support.

We’ve got to find pathways by which the affluent can change their consumption of material resources in order to have a positive impact upon the planet” – Jules Pretty OBE, professor of environment and society at the University of Essex and a Royal Society member. Tackling the three pillars of civilisation: consumption, population and the planet.

I expect that when we look back to now in 20 years’ time, we’ll think of this breathing environment as not ideal. Certainly, the level of fossil fuel derived particles that people in London are breathing in is causing decreased quality of life” – Jonathan Grigg, professor of pediatric respiratory and environmental medicine at Queen Mary University London. Why our quality of life is sacrificed by the continued use of fossil fuels.

David Cameron needs to listen to the public and say ‘I’m in’ to clean British energy, opening up a multibillion pound opportunity for British businesses” – Deborah Meaden of Dragons’ Den. Renewable energy backed by 85% of Brits.

Scientists recognise the crucial need for an international agreement that will prohibit the start of commercial fishing until research-based management measures can be put in place” – Henry Huntington, the Pew Environment Group’s Arctic science director. Scientists call for freeze on fishing in Arctic.

Our challenge is to make sure investment in clean energy soars, even if the wider economy is sluggish” – Ed Davey, secretary of state for energy and climate change. Ed Davey’s clean energy investment challenge.

Our commitment and investment in renewable energy has helped to make renewable energy possible. Now we have a different challenge. We need to make it financially sustainable” – David Cameron, Prime Minister. Cameron’s “non-speech” at Clean Energy Ministerial receives strong criticism.

Tourism has its place in the green growth agenda, as an important economic sector for many developed and developing countries and an extremely promising development perspective for the coming decades, contributing to a sustainable planet, a growing economy and a better life for all” – Márcio Favilla of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation. UN conference underscores the importance of sustainable tourism.

If the UK is serious about smart grid development and wants to keep up with its competitors, it needs much more certainty over what needs to be done” – Robert McNamara, manager of SmartGrid GB. Smart grids: supporting efficient, affordable, sustainable and secure energy.

The Government has to get its reforms right, so that we can keep the lights on using the renewable resources we have here in the UK – British sun and British wind – and free our market from its dependence on imported fossil fuels which have been pushing prices up” – Juliet Davenport, CEO and founder of Good Energy. Government denies Energy Bill delay.

Executive pay over the last decade has just got out of kilter with performance. It’s now at the wrong level, it’s become very opaque, very complex and we really I think need to get it on a much more sustainable level” – Roger Barker, head of corporate governance at the Institute of Directors. Barclays under fire… again.

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