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Save B&GT: We’ve hit 30% – thank you!



If we can get to 50% in the next few days we can secure the other half. Our average pledge is £208, so we just need another 87 of those to hit £45,000. The average pledge across Crowdfunder is around £52, so we’d just need another 346 of those. Our average business pledge is £1,456 so we would need only 12 more of them.

There are rewards for both individuals and for organisations. For the equivalent of £1 per week as an individual or £30 per week as an organisation we can keep Blue & Green Tomorrow as the raucous advocate of sustainability it has become.

If just 87 people pledged £208 each we can make it and they’ll get a hard copy of all fourteen guides from 2014 to adorn their coffee table.

If just 346 people pledged £52 each we can make it and they can come to our “we made it” party or get a limited edition postcard expressing our eternal gratitude.

If just 12 organisations pledged £1,560 each we can make it and we will write and publish a monthly article about those organisations online and in our newsletter.

There are many other levels of pledge and rewards available.

Save Blue & Green Tomorrow today.