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Savvy Buyer’s Guide To Picking The Perfect Eco-Friendly Mattress

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As we previously mentioned, green living and healthy living usually go hand in hand. One of the best examples is with sustainable mattresses. Sustainable mattresses tend to be a lot healthier to use.  However, we need to choose them wisely.

Understanding the Importance of Eco-friendly Mattresses for Your Health

In human beings, health is a paramount issue that should never be compromised. Nowadays, when people want to buy products for domestic use, their concern surrounds on items that will not interfere with their health as well as that of the environment. Bedroom products are going green with the purchase and use of Eco-friendly mattress. Sleeping on an eco-friendly bed does not only have beneficial advantages to the user but also on the environment.

There are a lot of things that you need to do to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is one of the easiest changes you can make.

Anyone willing to have an eco-friendly mattress is faced with options of products and brands that bring in confusion in selecting the best. It’s therefore vital for a buyer to be equipped with tips and know-how on how to buy an eco-friendly mattress that will guarantee him or her a healthy sleep and friendly environment. To acquire yourself tips on an eco-friendly green bed that will give the very best service, read through this article.

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How eco-friendly mattresses are made, and which is the best type?

Ideally, there is no precise definition of an eco-friendly item. People do understand it to mean things or products that do not harm the environment or its impacts on the environment are entirely reduced. In eco-friendly mattress, perhaps you would need to know at the following;

  1. Mattress durability so to reduce waste
  2. Organic and natural material level
  3. How renewable are resources used in making
  4. VOCs presence
  5. Presence of Emissions
  6. Methods of shipping and its efficiency

In the market currently, eco-friendly mattress availability has significantly gone down. Typically, you will find the Innersprings mattress, plant-based memory foam and the 100% natural latex mattress. These mattresses differ in terms of cost, durability, and materials.

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Eco-friendly Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress is made friendlier by replacing the synthetic foam with latex or the plant-based memory foam. Also, this mattress can be improved by replacing chemical fire barriers and foam fabrics with pure natural material. The notable disadvantage of Innerspring mattress is that it’s not biodegradable, its durability is short lived and cannot be compressed during shipping.

Due to technicalities used in manufacturing innerspring mattress, they tend to be hard to get and somehow expensive.

Bestsellers of Eco-friendly innerspring mattress.

Sellers of the innerspring mattress are quite a few in the market. The most common brand you will find in the market that meets almost all customers expectation is the Savy Rest. They sellers Earthspring mattress at a starting cost of $1150 that features an innerspring system composed of latex and organic textiles.

Natural pure Latex Mattress

Natural latex comes from Hevea brasiliensis trees and later treated to produce material foam used in latex mattresses. This bed is a continued favorite among many since the manufacturer utilizes a pure renewable process of harvesting latex with low impact on the environment. The latex liquid is harvested for close to 25 years while the tree continues to grow and taking part in ecological functions.

Natural latex is very healthy since the products of the tree are nontoxic and non-addictive. Latex is also free from VOC, highly durable and biodegradable. Even though latex mattress is quite expensive, their durability goes beyond 20 years, giving you an excellent service deal. A further latex mattress provides a sleeper with a comfortable sleeping experience, its healthy to use and lastly, its ranked second after memory foam with over 80% customer satisfaction.

Bestsellers of Natural latex mattress.

A latex mattress can be purchased from where they offer valuable and eco-friendly bed at $1199. This price is the cheapest since the value depends on mattress size. Their mattress has no fillers, are nontoxic and have no glue or addictive.

Memory foam mattress

The memory foam mattress is made of pure plant-based material and comes second as the best eco-friendly mattress after latex mattress. Memory form has replaced previous oil based products with content that is sustainable and plant-based. If you dislike innerspring and latex mattress, memory foam should be your option. This mattress has zero emissions and zeroes VOCs impacts.

The memory foam mattress is long lasting, offers classic comfort to the sleeper, and is pocket-friendly.

Do’s and Don’ts when buying eco-friendly mattress

Sometimes people who have information on an eco-friendly bed still make a mistake when there want to buy a mattress. It’s therefore essential to adhere to the following dos and don’ts so to get yourself the bed you deserve.


Capitalize on self-research

Mattress store salesperson is not allowed to share information with customers on real materials used in making their products. Even if in the listing of ingredients used in making a mattress, a specific chemical does not appear, the mattress may have been exposed to that chemical to some point. It’s, therefore, important to research more before making a purchase.

Search a mattress in a store that specializes in an organic bed only

Labels indicating a mattress is pure organic can be misleading. Your local shopping area is a secure place into getting yourself a quality mattress you are looking. A store that sells explicitly organic beddings is more likely to have a great variety of mattress compared to those that mix between organic and non-organic. Be sure to put such kind of stores as the top priority.

Ask as many questions as possible when in doubt

A seller who is committed to supplying organic product will not cow down in answering any question since he or she knows the products are genuine. You must remember that the more questions you ask show that you have information on what you are looking hence chances of being conned is minimized.

Typical questions to ask is the level extent of organic material in a mattress since some manufacturers indicate a mattress is pure organic only to use 10% organic material.

Check for Organic Wool

Wool is not incorporated with any form of toxin and is the very best material to go for in an organic mattress. A wool mattress, therefore, can keep you warm and give protection from harmful content tonight. Wool is also environmental friendly.


Avoid mattress made together with flame retardants

The biggest concern in eco-friendly bed is the flame retardants. Notably, the main concern is the retardant-polyurethane foam that releases polybrominated-biphenyl-ether into the air. Once these chemicals are inhaled, can stay in the system over a long time and are considered carcinogenic. To avoid such problems, avoid a mattress that has polyurethane foam acting as a flame retardant.

Keep off boric acid in mattress

Manufactures fumes the lining of beds with boric acid to keep off pests such as bedbugs and cloches. When you sleep on such a mattress, you get exposed to boric acid, which with time can result in health complications like blisters on the skin.

Choose the Perfect Eco-friendly Mattress for Your Home

An actual eco-friendly mattress should give you not only a comfortable sleep but also preserve the environment. A lot of people see latex mattress as the best and comfortable eco-friendly mattress inexistent. This is never the case. Before buying a mattress, it essential to do more research to determine which mattress is best for you.

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