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Solar in Suffolk; Marks and Spencer; SRI+20 – Quote Bank: May 12-18



A good quote makes all the difference.

There is a perception that this country is not sunny enough but the fact is that solar panels harness light and can still perform at 70% potential on a cloudy day” – Giles Redpath, Hive Energy CEO. Suffolk surges on in large solar development race.

Our study revealed that recent warming in a 1,000 year context is highly unusual and cannot be explained by natural factors alone, suggesting a strong influence of human-caused climate change in the Australasian region” – Dr Joelle Gergis, lead researcher at the University of Melbourne. Australasia witnesses hottest period for a millennium.

Last year in the World Retail Congress we won the prize for the best emerging market business retailer, but I lost another one that I was nominated for which was the most sustainable retailer. Marks and Spencer had won, so I contacted Sir Stuart Rose, asking him to be our adviser, to ask for help to understand how he successfully implemented Plan A. There’s a long way to get there but I think we’ve already taken the first step” – Hugo Bethlem, vice president of Pão de Açúcar. Ex-M&S chief to advise Brazilian retailer on tech sustainability.

The fact is that solar is too great an opportunity to be overlooked. It’s not only a powerful way of giving households and businesses greater control over their energy bills, but has a vital role to play as part of our national energy portfolio” – Juliet Davenport, founder and CEO of Good Energy. Davey confirms possible delay to feed-in tariff cuts.

Green Port Hull will increase employment and put wealth into the city, and this should be applauded” – Hull councillor, Steven Bayes, portfolio holder for economic regeneration and employment. A green city with sustainable plans: it’s never dull in Hull.

We believe that an understanding of how environmental and social issues impact on investment is essential to understanding the hidden balance sheet risks posted by climate change, environmental liberties, as well as social issues such as human rights and community consent” – Eugene Ellman, executive director of the Social Investment Organization (SIO). SRI+20: A responsible alternative to Rio’s earth summit.

There is a wealth of good work being done already at local and regional levels but many opportunities remain untapped. It is essential that these opportunities are delivered if we are to meet our national carbon targets. Local authorities need to show leadership and recognise their wider role in supporting local emissions reductions. The Government needs to strengthen incentives for action by providing national funding where required and should consider introducing a statutory duty for area-wide, low carbon, plans“ – Julia King, Committee on Climate Change member. Local authority contributions crucial in cutting national emissions.

African governments run the risk of a serious credibility gap if they do not seize the opportunity to tackle this crisis by significantly increasing access to water and sanitation in their countries. With thousands of African children dying every day, governments should honour previous promises to increase their spending on sanitation” – Nelson Gomonda, Pan-African programme manager. Managing water for sustainable prosperity: “radical transformations” needed.

It made sense to put in place something for growth in the long-term. It is unique and helps towards making regions of Africa become stronger” – Patrick Muir, head of marketing at Alquity. New Alquity ISA focuses on a sustainable future for children.

MCS surveys show that there are almost two pieces of litter on every metre of UK coastline – thanks to the efforts put in over the weekend, our seas and rivers are now cleaner and our coastline environment is in better shape. We’re passionate about protecting our marine life and I’d like to extend a huge thank-you to everyone who rolled their sleeves up and got involved” – Steve Rowe, director of retail at M&S. Big Beach Clean Up: the results.

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