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Sustainability institute of the week: University of Greenwich Centre for Sustainability



The University of Greenwich Centre for Sustainability was set up to help search for pathways to a sustainable future. The institute notes that whilst many people recognise the problems we are facing today there is far less agreement on what to do about it.

The purpose of the Centre for Sustainability is to facilitate progress towards a sustainable future through its education provision and through research/consultancy and enterprise activities. The centre focuses on three core areas, the first is promoting the enhancement of existing courses on sustainability and the development of new courses and programmes, including short courses. This approach allows the centre to assist in developing graduates that are “fit for purpose” in terms of meeting the needs and challenges of the 21st century, it says.

The centre also promotes engagement between the university and non-university partners in research and enterprise activity that seeks solutions and opportunities to achieve a sustainable future and builds partnership with the wider community to empower individuals.

The centre states, “At the core of the centre’s philosophy is an understanding that sustainability can only be addressed by balancing social, economic and environmental aspects of development.

“This requires multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary ways of working that draw together partnerships of interested groups and stakeholders in the search for ways of practically delivering sustainable futures. Sustainability is both possible and desirable if the creative talents of business industry, governments and individuals are drawn together with a common purpose and goal.

“It is the roles of the Centre for Sustainability to help achieve that vision.”

Photo: Francisco Rojas via Flickr 

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