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TED talks: the death of innovation, the end of growth – Robert Gordon



Robert Gordon is one of the world’s most influential macroeconomists. Earlier in 2013, he gave a TED talk about how the death of innovation will signal the end of growth.

He says, “There are four headwinds that are just hitting the American economy in the face: They’re demographics, education, debt and inequality, [and] they’re powerful enough to cut growth in half.”

As we wrote in January, we need a credible green innovation growth strategy. David Cameron seems to get it. Sometimes. In a little-publicised speech in February, he said how the UK can become a showcase for green innovation.

Are we going to grow?” Gordon asks.

If so, that’s going to require that our inventions are as important as the ones that happened over the last 150 years.”

To watch this video on the TED website, click here.