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6 Eco-Friendly Hacks For Perfect Home Air Quality

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There are many things that you need to keep in mind when trying to live a green lifestyle. You don’t just want to focus on lowering your carbon footprint. You must also remove harmful toxins from your home, because they can pollute the surrounding environment. The EPA has a report on the impact of indoor air on the environment.

Green Living Guidelines to make Your Home Air Pure

The indoor air quality in your home directly affects your health. Bad air can also hurt the rest of the environment if you aren’t careful, so people that believe in green living should keep it sanitary.

Floating allergens and pollutants can cause breathing problems and other sicknesses. Learn about 6 easy ways to improve your indoor air quality.

Improve Your Home’s Ventilation

An excellent way to reduce pollution inside your house is to make sure it is adequately ventilated. Bring in fresh air from outside to dilute indoor pollutants and improve the air circulation throughout all parts of your home. If you don’t want to bring in the outdoor temperatures with the air, an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is your best solution. Improving ventilation also reduces the need for air conditioning. This is important because air conditioning is bad for the environment.

Clean Your House Regularly

Enhance your indoor air quality by consistently cleaning your home. A good cleaning removes a lot of the allergens and pollutants. When choosing cleaning solutions, avoid products containing harmful chemicals, which contribute to decreased air quality. Use natural cleansers made without harmful chemicals.

Vacuum your floor, especially in high traffic areas. Don’t forget to clean upholstered furniture, where dust can accumulate. Make sure you wash your vacuum’s filter regularly. Mop hardwood, tile, and vinyl floors to capture the dust that the vacuum can’t remove. Using a microfiber material is the best option to attract and eliminate small dirt particles. Don’t forget to clean the baseboards, window coverings and walls.

Use doormats inside and outside of your house at entryways. Many chemicals, dirt, and pollutants stay trapped under people’s shoes and by using a doormat at commonly used doorways, potentially harmful elements will not make their way to the inside of your home.

Place Plants Inside Your House

Not only do plants add life and color to your home, but some of them can also remove indoor pollutants. According to NASA’s Clean Air study, some plants can remove dangerous pollutants like formaldehyde, radon, carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, and pesticides from the air.

Examples of air-cleaning plants include philodendron, the Dwarf or Pygmy palm, and peace lilies. These are easy and undemanding plants that don’t need much watering, so you won’t have to worry too much about their maintenance.

Keep Pets Clean

Pets carry allergens, so it is essential to bathe and groom them regularly. It is also helpful to thoroughly wash their bedding with hot water. By precaution, you should also keep them off your furniture and avoid inviting them into your beds.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC provides fresh air and can efficiently remove allergens and germs. A regular inspection is required to allow your system to work efficiently. Therefore, you must look for high-quality specialists like Triangle Heating & Cooling. These service experts will inspect and clean your HVAC system, change the filters, and improve your indoor air quality.

Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance ensures excellent air quality for your family in any season. Many providers offer a maintenance plan, which makes it easy for homeowners to stay on track with maintenance appointments.

Invest in an Air Cleaner or Purifier

An air cleaner or purifier does more than a basic HVAC filter. It works with your entire system to capture bacteria and airborne allergens, and can even destroy common cold viruses.

Improve the Quality of Your Air to Help the Environment

Follow these simple tips to easily improve your home’s indoor air quality and ensure better health for you and your family. You will also be helping the environment at the same time.