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Alliance Trust launches new resource for investors and savers



Alliance Trust has launched a new campaign to help “educate the next generation of UK investors and savers”. The resource aims to guide investors to make decisions that ensure a long-term sustainable financial future.

Katherine Garrett Cox, CEO of Alliance Trust, said, “There is a generation of future investors out there who have been brought up in an era of economic turmoil and banking crises, which has led to disillusionment and a lack of trust in our sector and the services we offer.

“Despite it being more important than ever for investors to take control of their financial situation, this new generation of savers lacks the basic knowledge and understanding to make these very important long-term decisions.”

The website will act as a financial hub that aims to promote clarity and transparency and offer consumers solutions and advice. Over the coming weeks, more topics will be added to the site including investing from scratch, global diversification, planning for your family’s future and retirement planning.

Garrett added, “We’ve launched this campaign to help all savers and enable them to make decisions from a position of understanding and knowledge. In many respects, we’ve gone back to basics, educating people on everything we know from what an ISA is, to understanding equities.”

Alliance Trust offers funds suitable for ethical and sustainable investors. Peter Michaelis, head of sustainable and responsible investment at the company has previously spoken to Blue & Green Tomorrow about the firm’s Sustainable Future Managed fund and the opportunities it can offer investors.

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