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Good Money Week may be officially over but there’s still public and IFA events to attend



GMW party hats are being recycled, GMW bunting is being taken down to be reused next year, GMW party poppers have been reduced to zero and GMW trestle tables are being packed away as Good Money Week ends for another year. But the good folk at Charity Bank and Alliance Trust keep on trucking, in low carbon vehicles no doubt.

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Wednesday 28th next week sees Charity Bank’s Follow the Money roadshow reach both Cheltenham AND Glasgow (both 1030-1600) – the same event separated by 334 miles and connected by the M6.

Charity Bank says: “Our Follow the Money series of events are designed to give you the opportunity to follow the money saved in our ethical accounts to a charity or social enterprise near you, and to see the fantastic work these organisations are doing to support people in your community. ”

The details of these and the two remaining financial professionals events run by Good Money Week sponsor Alliance Trust (Edinburgh 3/11 and Bath 26/11, both 1230-1400) can be found here.

Alliance Trust says; “Sense in Sustainability. This time our fund managers will be focusing on finding growth in a low growth environment. Ten good reasons… We think that there are lots of good reasons for you to consider sustainable investing for your clients’ portfolio and our Autumn campaign will be focusing on the top ten. You will hear about some of these at our roadshow in more detail, as well as have an opportunity to quiz our fund managers face-to-face.”


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