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Investing in These Small Eco-Friendly Products Make a Huge Difference

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You have probably started reading Blue and Green Tomorrow to get more insights into the steps that you can take to live a greener life. You may have thought that you needed to make some major changes in your life, but the truth is that even some small steps can go a long way.

While we may have dreams of a zero-waste lifestyle, the reality is that this is very difficult to achieve. Unfortunately, many people decide that since perfect isn’t possible, there’s no point in changing. However, you can make a number of changes in your life that will have an impact. Here are several small, eco-friendly products that make a big difference.

Gourmesso Brand Compostable Coffee Pods

Compostable Coffee Pods

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Disposable coffee pods are a huge issue whether you drink a lot of coffee or manage an office that does, though most don’t realize the scope of the problem. Our recent addiftion to coffee pods generates billions of aluminum and plastic capsules, the majority of which end up in the landfill. They’re thought to take anywhere from 150 to 500 years to break down. Even a former Nespresso executive admits this. We really don’t have the infrastructure in place to recycle them.

However, you can actually get compostable K Cup pods these days. Gourmesso’s compostable coffee pods break down into the soil, whether you bury them in your yard, throw them in the compost pile or send them to the landfill. You also don’t have to give up your current coffee maker to take advantage of this innovative product. You’ll be able to enjoy the same beverages you already drink like dark roast coffee, hazelnut Arabica coffee, and creamy vanilla coffee.

Full Circle Brand Kitchen Compost Bins

If you have to walk outside to dump the remnants of your meal preparations in the compost bin, you may just dump it in the trash instead. Full Circle makes compost bins small enough to put on your kitchen counter. Then it is always in easy reach, rain or shine. You don’t need to worry about the smell either. These bins maximize air flow so that the composting food won’t stink up your kitchen. This will reduce the nearly thousand pounds of food waste the average family creates.

High Sierra Brand Low Flow Showerheads

Your shower can waste a lot of water. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce water consumption without cutting your shower time short. The best option is a low flow showerhead by High Sierra. Their showerheads use half as much water as other low-flow showerheads, and they do so without clogging. These shower heads are great if you’re trying to reduce your water footprint.

Green Forest Paper Brand Recycled Toilet Paper

Recycled Toilet Paper

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Bathrooms can be pretty wasteful, but they don’t have to be that way. You can find a variety of bathroom products made from recycled paper. One solution is the recycled toilet paper by Green Forest Paper. The toilet paper is made entirely from recycled paper, and so is the cardboard roll. They don’t use bleach to whiten the paper, reducing its environmental footprint. And their recycled paper is made with short fibers, so it breaks down quickly in septic systems.


Cowpots are biodegradable planting pots. Made from cow manure, they will biodegrade in the soil. Simply start your plants as you normally would, then transfer the entire pot to the ground and let the pot nourish the plant and the soil around it. As a side benefit, the dairy farmers who created Cowpots extract methane from the livestock’s waste, so buying this supports green energy production as well.

This product eliminates the need for fossil fuels to create plastic planters. Peat planters are biodegradable, but mining it disrupts ecosystems. Cowpots are a great green choice for your garden.

A Few Small Changes Can Have a Tremendous Boost to the Environment

The lion’s share of what we buy and consume is thrown away. Making a few changes in your life can reduce your environmental impact, and products like those listed above allow you to do so without sacrificing your quality of life.