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Oekom Research Opens Branch Office In London



Jasoreet Duhra, ESG professional, joins Oekom Research from Viego Eiris to direct newly opened office in London.

Oekom Research, an internationally pre-eminent rating agency for sustainable investment, is ramping up its presence in the UK with the opening of a new branch office in London. Under the capable supervision of veteran ESG and SRI expert Jaspreet Duhra as Senior Manager Client Relations, Oekom Research is aiming to expand and develop its contacts with British investors. Although Oekom Research had already been represented in the financial centre of London through a cooperation with SI Partners since 2014, it is now acknowledging the growing importance of the market by opening a subsidiary of its own.

Through her ten-year service at competitor Vigeo Eiris, Jaspreet Duhra has acquired extensive experience in the sustainability-rating and responsible-investment sector, and is very familiar with the UK market. For many of those years, she worked closely with a wide range of index providers and institutional investors, and was also responsible for further developing the research portfolio. Before working in Vigeo Eiris’s sales team, Jaspreet Duhra worked as a sustainability analyst at Eiris as well as at Sustainable Finance Ltd.

By opening the London office, Oekom Research is taking a further step towards expanding and internationalising its business, thus positioning it to better support its growing number of international accounts, and underpin its presence in a global market environment. Only in June of this year, it also opened a subsidiary in New York to develop and serve the North American market. In addition to these, it has also been running a Paris office since 2011, and a representation in the Netherlands since the start of the year.

“Expanding and intensifying our operations in the UK is a very important step for us: in our capacity as a partner and service provider for sustainable investments, a local presence is the only way we can offer the market players adequate onsite support,” says Oekom Research CEO, Robert Haßler. “The political changes emerging from the Brexit vote, and new fundamentals that will follow the UK’s departure from the EU will in no way impair our commitment to the UK market. We’re greatly looking forward to working with her,” he continues.

In Jaspreet Duhra, we have strengthened our international sales team with an experienced and dedicated associate.

“Throughout my ten-year career in sustainable investments, Oekom Research has always been a benchmark and model example for me,” adds Jaspreet Duhra. “Its pioneering spirit, innovative strength and meticulous quality demands are iconic qualities of the company. I’m therefore all the more delighted to be able to contribute my know-how and experience to this company and in the service of sustainability,” she declares.


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