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Survey: more financial advisers should consider alternative investments



A survey, published in a comprehensive new report, has found that 100% of respondents at an alternative investment summit agree that more financial advisers should consider the growing market for their clients.

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The 2014 Alternative Investment Report stated that a balanced portfolio with some exposure to alternative investments could provide diversification, lower volatility and give more predictable returns. The report looks across the breadth of the alternative investment market, from crowdfunding to enterprise investment schemes.

The report states that several mainstream markets have started to recover from the financial crisis, but warns there is likely to be a large amount of volatility when central banks withdraw stimulus and raise interest rates. Alternative investment and finance offers a potential solution to this.

Figures published in a report last year found that the alternative finance market grew 91% in 2013, when compared to 2012, reaching almost £1 billion. It also predicted that alternative sources could raise as much as £1.6 billion this year.

Earlier this year it was revealed the sector could soon receive a further boost, as banks in the UK may soon be forced to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) find alternative source of finance of they turn them down for loans.

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