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Almscliffe Crag Sunset by James Whitesmith via flickr Almscliffe Crag Sunset by James Whitesmith via flickr


WWF Respond To Environmental Audit Committee’s New Report



Trevor Hutchings, Director of Advocacy at WWF-UK, has released the following response to the recent Environment Audit Committee’s report – ‘The Future Of Natural Environment After EU Referendum’:

“Now more than ever, our natural environment is at risk, both at home and overseas, and this report is a good reminder of the challenges ahead for environmental protection as the UK leaves the EU.

“Brexit has the potential to be a once in a generation opportunity to protect and enhance nature and build a healthy and prosperous future for all. As well as bringing over existing EU legislation into UK law during the negotiations, the government must go further, and publish an ambitious and strong 25 Year Environment Plan so that we become a world leader in environmental protection, safeguarding nature for future generations.”


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