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Bringing History to Life with Reclaimed Oak



If the economic downturn has taught the Great British public one thing, it has been to recondition, reuse and make the most of what we already have.

In recent years the willingness to embrace ‘upcycling’ and repurposing everyday items has fed into other areas of life, and interior design is no exception. As more and more people begin to look for new, ever more creative ways to decorate their homes, we have seen a huge surge of interest in traditional materials, such as reclaimed oak beams and reclaimed floorboards.

Oak is one of the most beautiful, hardwearing and versatile of natural materials, with a solidity, warmth and traditional feel which makes it ideally suited to creating stunning interior design features. Often reclaimed or repaired from products which are centuries old, the reclaimed oak beams sourced and supplied by the Traditional Oak and Timber Company recall a time when things were built well and built to last. In a so-called ‘throwaway society’, the timelessness and innate beauty of oak has never seemed so relevant to modern interior design.

A sustainable resource

We’re all concerned about climate change and the impact we have on the planet, which is why more and more people are becoming interested in finding ethically sourced and sustainable materials and products. When it comes to home renovation, reclaimed oak is an attractive prospect for many because it is one natural resource which makes a minimal impact on the environment.

Repurposing old doors, floors and beams or repairing them with reclaimed oak makes the most of the wood we already have, and brings a sense of history to a home renovation project. In this case, reclaimed oak beams were used to breathtaking effect to create a living space which is both stylish and contemporary, at the same time as paying homage to this period property’s unique history.

Beautiful interior design

As a renewable and sustainable material, wood has become popular in all areas of interior design over the last few years. At 2016’s January Furniture Show, the popularity of ‘industrial rustic’ was on display in the furniture, fabrics and flooring on display, and while it’s easy to dismiss the trend for ‘shabby chic’, there’s no denying the increased interest in reclaimed wood products.

As the simple, rustic and timeless look of traditional materials and traditional craftsmanship take centre stage, using reclaimed oak and reclaimed oak beams has never seemed more appealing. The quality of the wood and the comforting solidity and sense of history it brings cannot be valued highly enough. Putting to good use the materials we already have, reclaimed oak beams make a fantastic focal point to any living space and are an investment in the future which is well worth making.



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