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#GE2015: Will Conservatives now drop the ‘green c**p’?



The positive influence of the environmentally-minded Liberal Democrats on energy and climate change policy has been lost in the new Government.

First there was Lib Dem Chris Huhne and then there was Lib Dem Ed Davey at DECC. We now wait nervously as Prime Minister Cameron organises his first fully Conservative Cabinet and ministerial ranks. George Osborne attempted to change emission targets in the last government and the Conservatives have long supported exploiting our shale gas resources.

Positive signs are that the Conservative Manifesto supports the 2008 Climate Change Act and the Prime Minister signed an agreement with Labour and Lib Dems to accelerate our shift to a low carbon economy. On the other hand the manifesto said a Conservative government would end public subsidies for onshore wind and give local people a final say on wind farm applications.

Who runs this strategically important department will give us the first sign of David Cameron’s green and sustainable ambitions, or lack thereof.

Photo: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills via Flickr

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