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EQi Group And Greenearth Announce Their Collaboration In Support Of The Sun Program



EQi and Greenearth have announced a collaboration agreement to support, develop and promote the Sun Program as a lead to a range of sustainable development projects and initiatives.

The Sun Program, is an ambitious international initiative guiding the principles for the sustainable development of worldwide travel and tourism. At its heart is the concept of solar-powered SUN-ARK buildings with state-of-the-art telecommunications and information processing platforms which can be set up quickly and easily in target travel destinations to support world class experts working with local communities to deliver Green Growth solutions.

EQi CEO and Founder Steve Burt will formally take the role of “Metrics Leadership” to drive full balance sheet accounting for green growth in the travel sector – with an emphasis on climate resilience and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). This will build on EQi’s work with The Long Run, an initiative of the Zeitz Foundation to develop an impact assessment and communications framework for its membership of nature-based tourism enterprises,

“This is an exciting opportunity to work in a global industry on a local level to tackle the global sustainability challenge,” says Mr. Burt.  “We are proud to be part of The Sun Program to measure environmental problems and meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.”

Professor Geoffrey Lipman, Founder of Greenearth and President of ICTP (International Collation of Tourism Partners): “I am delighted that EQi’s Measurement Technology will be an essential part of SUN’s core focus on Climate Resilience and SDG adaptation – a vital addition to our campaign for full balance sheet Green Growth accounting and Community support systems.”

The Sun Program helps further the ICTP vision of helping the vast majority at the base of the travel and tourism pyramid create a simple framework that allows our communities – travel destinations and stakeholders of residents, visitors and service supply chain – to engage positively in the massive changes that the world is embarked upon.

EQi is a data and technology company that specialises in resource efficiency management, business intelligence and risk analysis. Greenearth provides services and tools for green growth, support transition to the new green economy, based on low carbon renewable energy and sustainable development.