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French engineer embarks on a voyage around the world on the first fully autonomously powered catamaran



Jean-Marc Simiand, the 53 year old engineer and avid sailor, is looking for partners to get set the first autonomous catamaran to water, powered by 100% renewable energy and begin the world tour. The goal, prove that it is possible for boating to abandon fossil fuels to benefit renewable energies.

The first world tour of a wind and solar powered catamaran

Circumventing the world in a catamaran over 3 years without the slightest fuel emissions, to show that it is possible to go without fossil fuels on a sailboat. For the first time in the world, this maritime adventure sets out with only wind and solar energy. The depart is scheduled for September 2016 if the sponsors and donors allow.

Passion and advanced technology

Trained as an engineer, Jean-Marc Simiand was very early attracted to navigation. His father, a lover of scuba diving, taught Simiand navigation at sea from a young age. This passion has not left since. A report in Thalassa magazine in 2007, showing families setting sail to tour the world inspired him for an adventure to tour the world with energy independence.

At an earlier time, lead batteries could not  store enough energy, but the arrival of lithium-ion batteries in the automotive industry has changed what is possible. In 2010, while working for Renault on a project on electrical systems, Jean-Marc Simiand came to the conclusion that the implementation of this technology on a catamaran could be achieved.

Batteries fitted for the crossing of the Panama Canal

The route charted will follow the classic journey of “around-the-worlders”. It notably includes a passage through the Panama Canal, for more than 40 nautical miles, or 77 km, without the help of wind. To overcome the obstacle, Jean-Marc Simiand chose batteries that store energy for the whole crossing, while preserving the balance and performance of the catamaran.

Change attitudes

The project thus aims to show the boating industry that a future is possible without thermic power, despite that no manufacturer currently offers any solution in electrical series.

Jean-Marc wants to share his journey with those who have participated in the financing of the project and call on the experience of renowned skippers to accompany him on this adventure.

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