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UK needs to invest £10bn to meet low-carbon transport targets



In order to meet carbon emission reduction targets and encourage low-carbon transport, the UK needs to invest more than £10 billion by 2050, according to a new series of reports.

A series of reports for the LowCVP by consultants Element Energy suggests that the UK can develop the infrastructure necessary to deliver low carbon fuels of the future. However, in order to achieve this there needs to be strong coordination between key actors and a considerable amount of investment. The papers also note that long-term policy clarity and consistent government and regulatory support would be needed to incentivise the £10 billion of investment needed.

Celine Cluzel, lead author of the reports for Element Energy, said, “These reports show the transport system of the future will be very different from today – more diverse but also more integrated with the existing energy networks. It also shows there is still scope for many innovations and research and development, which is an opportunity for the UK to seize.”

The organisation recognises that much of the recent attention has focused on electric vehicles and concerns about the transitions impact on the supply infrastructure and management challenges. The latest research suggests that existing network, utilising smart technologies, is will suites to the electrification of transport. However, it also found that millions of mainly residential charge points will be needed to support widespread eclectic vehicle deployment.

The report also looks at three other different fuel streams – liquid fuels, methane and hydrogen. Methane I one of the fuel developments the National Grid expected to play a “significant role” in reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the transport sector.

Photo: Riley Kaminer via Flickr

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