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Better financial products from research: Blue & Green Research



Today, Blue and Green Tomorrow is launching a research platform for financial service companies to help them provide significantly better savings and investment products, more tailored to the needs of savers and investors. Why does this matter to our readers? Because we want you to get even better products.

Recently, the Financial Conduct Authority made it clear that any new financial product or service should be fully researched before it is launched, to ensure that it is appropriate for the people it is being subsequently sold to. There have been far too many mis-selling stories and the reputation of many financial organisations is in tatters.

As a reader of Blue & Green Tomorrow, from time-to-time we will invite you to join these research panels and encourage you to provide brutally honest positive and negative feedback on the service you have received with various products. Some of your views will be gathered through online polls such as our annual readership survey now underway, in standalone focus groups and over the telephone.

Some of the research’s findings will be used in articles and some will be used behind the scenes to help companies improve what they offer. Participants will always get a summary of what we have learnt.

In time, we will move to cover all major sectors that provide services to our readers and which we write about, to ensure you get the best-of-breed at all times.

To participate in our research, please ensure you have registered for our newsletter where we will be recruiting participants.

Photo: Sanja Gjenero via Flickr