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Denmark expands green business relations to Indonesia and South Africa



Denmark has signed agreements with Indonesia and South Africa, to help them promote sustainable development and investment in green technologies.

Following its plan to become oil-free by 2050, the Scandinavian nation has set up a partnership with both countries that will look at exploring business opportunities in the green sector.

Danish trade and investment minister Pia Olsen Dyhr met Indonesian authorities on Monday to discuss possible investment for the energy and infrastructure industries, and to suggest an economic growth strategy for Indonesia that focused on green technology.

According to the Jakarta Post, Denmark would like to strengthen its exports in Indonesia, which is projected to be one of the seven biggest economies by 2030, and help the country promote sustainable development at the same time.

During his speech, trade minister Dyhr said, “Indonesia’s impressive performance over the last year has brought immense opportunities, but also challenges, and increases pressure in key areas in your economy and the demand for smarter, green and cleaner technology.

This is where Denmark has something to offer, this is where you need us.”

On the same day, Danish officials also signed an agreement with South Africa to help the country move towards a more sustainable economy by developing its huge renewable energy potential.

The deal will provide South Africa with the financial support necessary to invest in wind farms and help state-owned energy provider Eskom integrate clean energy into its electricity supply.

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