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Campaigners Call on Hershey’s for a Dairy-Free Kiss This Valentine’s Day



International animal protection organization, In Defense of Animals is spearheading a campaign calling on North America’s largest chocolate producer, Hershey’s, to make a dairy-free line of its popular ‘Kisses’ in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

“We applaud Hershey’s sustainable cocoa commitment and urge them to spread the love this Valentine’s Day by committing to make a dairy-free Kiss,” said In Defense of Animals President, Dr. Marilyn Kroplick. “Many large companies are taking advantage of the thriving dairy-free market. It’s time for North America’s largest chocolate producer to step up with a delicious non-dairy line.”

The Hershey Company committed to source 100% of its cocoa from certified sustainable sources by 2020 and expects to hit 50% this year. In Defense of Animals is advocating for further positive change for animals, health, and the environment, by channeling the rising consumer demand for dairy-free chocolate.

Hershey’s Chief Executive, JP Bilbrey, has previously stated, “If you demand something, those that supply it to you will provide that particular product.”

Trending data released by Food Navigator USA suggests that 36 percent of U.S. consumers prefer dairy-milk alternatives. To cater to this growing demand, many large companies have committed to increasing their dairy-free product range, including Subway, Chipotle, White Castle, Starbucks, and Ben & Jerry’s, which launched a range of vegan ice cream last week.

A number of recent influential studies link dairy consumption with negative effects on human health and the environment, driving further demand for non-dairy products.

Nadia Schilling, In Defense of Animals’ farmed animals campaign director explains, “People are shocked to learn of the short, brutal lives cows endure to produce milk, and the immense harm that dairy causes our planet. Fortunately, there are many delicious alternatives available already, and we hope Hershey’s will join in on the vegan action. It’s time to pucker up Hershey’s, we want a dairy-free Kiss!”

You can sign In Defense of Animals’ Valentine’s Day letter to Hershey’s requesting dairy-free Kisses at


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