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Sunbeams over Hinkley by rrx_blade via Flikr Sunbeams over Hinkley by rrx_blade via Flikr


Chancellor Still Backs Hinckley Nuclear Power Installation



The newly appointed Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, has stated that the government must ensure that the planned Hinkley nuclear power installation goes ahead.

Reacting to his comments ClientEarth CEO James Thornton said: “With this deal, the government would be putting too many of its eggs in one basket. It’s a hugely expensive move that will waste millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money. We need the government to develop a proper, comprehensive and comprehensible energy policy that creates the decentralised energy system that the UK needs. It must include strong, positive policies on renewables and energy efficiency, rather than relying on big, centralised and heavily subsidised projects like Hinkley Point.”


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