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Energy Institute Publish New Energy Guide



The Energy Institute has published a new title in its Energy Essentials collection. The guide is the second in the series and provides entry-level understanding including definitions for technical terms and how to introduce energy management to their organisation.

The Energy Institute (EI) has released a new publication, A Guide to Energy Management, as part of the EI’s Energy Essentials collection. The first copies will be available from the EI at edieLive, held on May 17 – 18, in Birmingham. The guide is also available to download free of charge.

Martin Maeso CEnv MEI, Knowledge Director at the EI, said: Energy Essentials: A guide to energy management is an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to develop their understanding of energy management practice and improve their organisation’s energy efficiency performance.

“The EI Knowledge Service regularly produces resources such as this guide to make energy topics more accessible to non-experts. We couldn’t publish these materials without the involvement of our Energy Management Panel and other EI Fellows and Members who contributed their expertise, and we would like to thank them for their invaluable support.”

Effective energy management can make a significant contribution to a business’ bottom line. Implementing an energy management system in the workplace can help save energy and cut down your bills while reducing carbon emissions. As energy demand grows, there is a greater emphasis on making the best use of the resources available and on doing so sustainably. Organisations which manage their energy use efficiently also enjoy improved productivity, greater employee comfort and reduced asset maintenance.

The guide provides an elementary introduction to energy management and is therefore an ideal resource for anyone new to the sector, beginning to take on energy management responsibilities alongside another role or those considering it as a career. It outlines what is meant by ‘energy management’, the main drivers for managing energy, and how to introduce and implement energy management within an organisation. International standards, such as ISO 50001, and the associated ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ framework, and other key terms and concepts are explained.

A guide to energy management has been peer reviewed by over 60 subject specialists including EI Members and Fellows, members of its Energy Management Panel and Register of Professional Energy Consultants (RPEC).

The online guide and related materials can be found here. Also in this series is A Guide to Shale Gas.